The Apprentice Tool Allowance (ATA) is a $4.5 million program by Construction Training Fund.  The program will provide eligible apprentices and trainees with a rebate of $500 for the purchase of relevant tools and/or safety equipment that is required for the apprentice’s on-the-job work.

Eligibility Criteria

To claim the $500 tool rebate from CTF, apprentices and trainees must:

  • be substantively working within the construction industry.
  • work on a building site (i.e. not in a workshop or office)
  • present appropriately dated receipted invoices noting items and the value of items purchased and being claimed against this program.

Please note the below works are not classified as construction or exempt from CTF funding.

If most of your work is in these areas you will not be eligible.

  • Exploration for resources (minerals, oil, and gas) or construction work associated with resources exploration
  • Resources/mining facilities decommissioning, rehabilitation, or operational works (including shutdowns
  • Building or maintenance of Ships
  • Maintenance, repairs or inspection of elevators and escalators
  • Minor/routine maintenance

Claiming Process

To benefit from the Apprentice Tool Allowance the apprentice/trainee will be required to submit a copy of their receipt/s through CTF's Apprentice Tool Allowance Portal HERE.

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