Client Testimonial | Christ Church Grammar School WOODFAST Lathe Installation

Client: Christ Church Grammar School WOODFAST Lathe Installation 

Location: Claremont, Western Australia

Year: 2024


The Project: Supplying and delivering 3 x Woodfast WL3040A Super Heavy Duty Lathes to Highschool, Christ Church Grammar D&T Department.

Dealer: Beyond Tools

Backstory: Christ Church Grammar School D&T Department already has 'vintage' essentially Woodfast Lathes and in other words, are very old. However they are still in good working order. But the teachers collaboratively decided it was time for an upgrade, so they went for our biggest beasts and not one, but three. The team were excited to fit these into the department. During commission the team also put locks on the speed dials (teachers have the key and can only access them) - if your school or Education department is in need of these locks, be sure to request them to the sales team when purchasing.

Images pictured of the speed dial lock are below.

Images from the delivery and installation by our team.
Image Credits: Christ Church Grammar Highschool Student (Approved by guardian for image rights) & Teacher. Photo Credits: Carina Mirabile
Image Credits: Christ Church Grammar Highschool delivery by our 3 staff members, Charles, Jack and Jackson. Photo Credits: Carina Mirabile