12mm x 30mm D-Cut Carbide Burr Ball Nosed Cone 4700D-4 by Garryson

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ATA Garryson Burrs are ideally suited for freehand stock removal, weld preparation and the finishing of mnemonic alloy steel components. These applications are generally found in aircraft, shipbuilding and other specialised industries. ATA Garryson produced the burrs on a computerised, numerically controlled fluting machine. They have a specially developed tooth design providing a fast clean cut right to the tip of the tool, with a more even tooth loading over the whole contour of the cutting head. They achieve a high rate of stock removal combined with a smooth finish on metal, plastics and other materials. Diamond Cut is a universal cutting style offering smooth operation with a high cutting action, producing short chips and no clogging problems. Ideal on stainless steel, carbon steel, nickel alloys and other hard metals. This is the most popular burr because of its easy, smooth operation and a full range is carried in Australia.

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12mm x 30mm D-Cut Carbide Burr Ball Nosed Cone 4700D-4 by Garryson

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