14 x 220mm x 1/2" BSP Diamond Core Drill Bit CCSB14-220 by Dymaxion

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  • 1/2" BSP Female fitting
  • Rated to cut reinforced concrete & brick.
  • These core drills can be fitted to a range of adaptor rods ( ½" BSP adaptor rods) including SDS- Plus, standard HEX & SDS-MAX. so they can be operated on normal power drills - hammer action turned OFF.
  • This range also fits to diamond core drill machines with the adaptors AUB100 or AUB200 .
  • ½" BSP fitting and 12mm long (high) wet diamond segments.
  • Drills listed as 220 long can core to 190mm in depth, the 250mm core to 250mm in depth and the 400 to 400mm in depth.
User Information:- When cutting without water, frequently remove from the cut to cool and remove debris – do not overheat diamond segments. Wall ties can 'snag' and damage segments – investigate all obstructions and remove. Check for services such as wiring and plumbing in cavities!

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14 x 220mm x 1/2" BSP Diamond Core Drill Bit CCSB14-220 by Dymaxion

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