3.2m Petrol Powered 13HP Sawmill SM550HG by Oltre *Special Order*

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Designed for budget minded customers looking at getting into milling (powered by petrol) their own lumber at an exceptional price. The SM550G offers hobby sawyers an easy to use, well engineered sawmill with the ability to mill logs up to 530mm in diameter and 3.2m in length.


  • Works like a real sawmill, whilst being compact.
  • The log stays stationary whilst the sawhead passes along its length, slicing boards at the height you choose.
  • Log Clamping via fixing plates
  • Smooth Sawhead Action
  • Crank feed wheel for operator comfort and easy control of moving up and down
    • Smooth operation of the sawhead crank handle precisely adjusts the sawhead height - clockwise to raise the sawhead, counter-clockwise to lower the sawhead
  • Handle for saw body moving back and forward
  • Handle for blade tension
  • Coolant system
  • Petrol Powered Engine
    • Air Cooled, 4 Stroke
    • 13HP @ 4000RPM
  • Left and right blade guide
  • Includes 2m Track + 2m Extension Track (maximum cutting length 3.2m)
Product Dimension Specifications (refer image)
  • D Max. = 650mm
  • D1 = 475mm
  • L Min. = 1050mm
  • H1 = 640nn
  • H2 = 190mm
  • H3 = 105mm

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3.2m Petrol Powered 13HP Sawmill SM550HG by Oltre *Special Order*

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