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The Little Wonder Tool is an ideal finishing tool.

The Little Wonder Tool is an easy to use wood turning tool designed to cut small end grain goblets, bowls, boxes and vases cutting from the inside outwards. This product cuts on its side with the bevel rubbing, slicing cleanly around the bottom curve of bowls. You will find a scribed line on the shaft which kept pointing upwards will assist in achieving the best results. It is an ideal finishing tool and often used to do the final finishing cuts on bowls, especially when you are using the Woodcut Bowlsaver and you only want to take the minimum amount of wood away. i.e. especially when doing a nest of bowls. In addition to this it can be used for detailing, making beads and coves, hollowing etc. This tools will just about do anything a wood turner needs to do.

  • The Little Wonder gives an excellent finish and is most effective with curly or burred grain.
  • Cup Tool Shaft 13mm (1/2")
  • Available with 13mm M2 High Speed Steel or Carbide Cutters.
  • Handled or un handled.
  • Online user guide and demonstrations available on You tube.
Manufactured in New Zealand.

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Little Wonder Tool CUPH by Woodcut Tools

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