Client Testimonial: Chisholm Catholic College

Client: Jason Auld (Head of Creative Design and Technology) and Michael (Head Technician) at Chisholm Catholic College

Location: Perth, Western Australia

Year: 2024


The Project: Meet the D&T Department

Toughcut Dealer: Beyond Tools

Backstory: The D&T department bought this brand new CNC Router Machine With 8 Auto Tool Change 415V SAPPHIRE Series by Toughcut.

Our Service Technician John - commissioned, delivered, installed and completed an in-person tutorial on how the machine works and how it runs smoothly to the whole entire D&T team.

This machine is for the teachers and educators use only, but for the students to gauge a real-world work ethic life for their future studies in the industry.

Meet the D&T Department

YouTube Testimonial:

1. What was the reason why you made the decision to buy this machine for your department?

"We've always wanted a machine like this for quite a few years, we know other schools have invested in similar machines. We don't have a lot of space left in our workshop, so we chose something that wasn't too big."

We bought a Redsail Laser Cutter through Beyond Tools - very impressed with their support we've received, partially with your technician John. We decided then, to get a machine like this, we needed that technical support. " - Jason

And, Why?

"Because it is industry standard, and we like to give our students that sort of knowledge and expertise, so when they do leave the college and if they want to pursue that career, they have some real time knowledge." - Michael


Image Credit: D&T Department at Chisholm Catholic College. Photos taken by Carina Mirabile