Client Testimonial - Carpenter CJ from CJ Carpentry


Client Testimonial:

CJ from CJ Carpentry | Instagram: @cj_carpentry

1. What is your favourite brand?
My Favourite tool brand would have to be Festool due to it's versatility with attachments and accessories, also the accuracy.

2. How has Beyond Tools (Product/Service) made a positive impact on your project/business/operations?
Beyond Tools hold a great selection of products in stock compared to other tool stores so they're more likely to have what you need, when you need it which allows my business to keep moving forward.

The service department at Beyond Tools and I have a great relationship, I either drop a tool in or phone up and explain what is required and have the parts ordered so that the tool down time is kept to a minimum. Their staff both in service and at the counter in sales are extremely helpful and knowledgeable of the different brands.

3. Would you recommend BT to others looking for similar service? If so, why?

I recommend Beyond Tools to other tradies due to their in-house service department and vast selection of tools held in stock and ready to work. - CJ from CJ Carpentry, 13/08/2023.