1000mm Plastic Strip Heater

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Ideal for bending and folding Plastic / Acrylic Sheeting. These units are ideal in education environments and school plastics workshops with two models (different lengths) designed to provide a safe and inexpensive portable unit capable of quickly producing straight line bends in acrylic and other thermo-plastic sheet materials. Features:-
  • Effective heating length 500mm (Model 500) and 1000mm (Model 1000)
  • Most attractive appearance with polished aluminium finish.
  • Ability to produce quick neat bends with minimum preparation.
  • Strongly constructed, light weight, compact and portable.
  • Low heat principle keeps outer body relatively cool.
  • Tubular element completely safe for school use with minimum power consumption.
  • Safe electrical connection with insulated heat resistant internal wiring.
  • Red neon lamp indicates when power is on.
  • Adjustable Heat Mask determines size of bends.
  • Outrigger Support for longer plastic projects
  • Model 500
    • Effective Heating Length: 500mm
    • 240v / 200w - 1210000
  • Model 1000
    • Effective Heating Length: 1000mm
    • 240v / 375w - 1310000
Operating Procedure:-
  • Simple straight line bends in Thermo Plastic sheet material up to 3mm in thickness can be obtained with heat mask removed. For thicker materials up to 6mm in thickness use adjustable heat mask. This determines size of bend and additional height provides better heat penetration and prevents burning or blistering.
  • Thicker materials should be turned over during heating process to give even penetration resulting in clean neat bends.
  • The best method for bending thicker material is where two strip heaters are available. One can be placed upside down above the other to form a heat sandwich which heats both sides of the project simultaneously.
  • It should be noted that where it is necessary to use the adjustable heat mask at narrow setting for long periods it can become quite hot and under these conditions should be handled with care.
Spare Parts (sold separately):- Full Manufacturer Warranty

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1000mm Plastic Strip Heater

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