300ml UltraFix Plus Epoxy UFP300P by Ramset

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UltraFix™ Plus is a multi-purpose polyester adhesive for anchoring threaded studs and starter bars in solid and hollow substrates. UltraFix™ PLUS is formulated using high performance, marine grade resin, which allows full load capacity in flooded holes to be attained as assessed to ETAG 001-5 Option 7. UltraFix™ PLUS is styrene free and VOC compliant. Fast cure and fast dispensing for high productivity. Non-drip formula, ideal for overhead installation. Fits standard silicone caulking gun. Great for small jobs or around the home. Steel fencing, gates, brackets, hinges, guard rails, hand rails
Multi Purpose Solid and hollow substrates
Fast Cure 50 minutes at 20 °C for improved productivity
Fast and Easy Cold Weather Dispensing Improved productivity
Styrene Free Low VOC and Low odour
50 year design life Security
Dry, wet and flooded holes No weather delays
Vibration Resistant Security
Slump Resistant Resists running and dripping
Handy 300 ml pack size Fits standard caulking gun

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300ml UltraFix Plus Epoxy UFP300P by Ramset

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