4-Speed Automatic Power Feeder with Universal Stand AF34-TC-415V by Toughcut

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This heavy duty feeder can be adapted easily to shapers, table saws and many other woodworking machines. Equipped with a robust stand, the AF34 4-Speed Feeder has the flexibility and compatibility for a wide variety of applications.

This Automatic Power Feeder is ideal for pushing large material/stock through a Router Table, Spindle Moulder, Saw, Planer / Thicknesser, and other Machinery.


  • 1 HP motor
  • 3 rollers
  • 4 speeds
  • Forward/reverse feed
  • An additional set of gears included
  • Universal stand included
  • Safety at Your Fingertips – By keeping your hands away from cutting edges.

Heavy Duty Model

Our AF34 4-Speed Feeder can be adapted easily to shapers, table saws and many other woodworking machines. 

Feed Speed

Simply changing speeds through exchangeable gear, the AF34 provides best speed options. Reverse feed is available via a selection switch.

3 Rollers and Roller Suspension

These rollers with abrasion resistance provide excellent secure non-marking grip. Rollers are all spring loaded to maintain a constant pressure, with roller suspension up to 18mm (3/4").

Made for Compatibility – This feeder is an all-purpose feeder that may be mounted for use with various fences and wood machinery, the most common of which are shapers. For a heavy-duty table saw setups, the Saw-Mate, EZ300, or EZ400 can also be considered. For smaller workpieces, the Track Feeder is recommended. For bandsaws or resaws, the AF19 and AF110N Resaw Feeders are recommended.

Keep Workpieces Stable – Roller spring suspension design generates friction and pressure on the workpiece. Workpieces with minor variations in the thickness of up to 18mm (3/4″) are easily compensated via a roller spring left mechanism.

Even Feed Rate – A continuous duty 1 horsepower motor provides the feed, ensuring that your feed rate is consistent and reliable. Actual feed rates are subject to blade sharpness, cutter rotational direction, and workpiece characteristics.

Feed Speed Control – Speed settings can easily be adjusted depending on your requirements. With a range of four speeds and an interchangeable gear set, the AF34 provides a range of speed options for your stock feeding needs.

Reverse Feeding – Reverse the direction of the feed at any time. Ensure the utmost care when doing so, as reverse feeding without proper precautions can result in a risk of injury or death.

Climb Cutting – Some workpieces require climb-cutting, a risky technique, to reduce tear-out for smoother cuts. Although not intended as a safety device for climb-cutting, a power feeder may assist with keeping your hands away from the cutting piece.

Uninterrupted Use – The motors are designed and engineered so that motor damage through regular use is extremely rare. Solidly built and dependable, these motors ensure that the feeder operates as per your requirements.

Simple Wheel Replacements – The rubber and polyurethane rollers that come with the AF34 can be removed with a minimum of effort. Replacement rollers can be purchased separately, with replacement times dependent on roller material, rate of use, and workpiece material.

Oil Plug – A conveniently placed oil plug allows for easy replacement of oil in the oil-bath gearbox. Under standard operation, it is recommended that the oil be replaced every 200 days.

Robust Mount and Stand – The AF34 Stock Feeder comes equipped with sturdy cast-iron vertical and horizontal support columns and universal joints that feature “T” or “L” locking mechanisms for securing feeders into horizontal, vertical or angled-feeding positions. (US01 Light Duty Universal Stand, US02 Light/Heavy Duty Universal Stand, US13 Heavy Duty Universal Stand)

Secure Mounting – Fully adjustable support columns are built with large handwheels, which move feeders horizontally or vertically along columns. Four bolts hold a vertical support column to the table surface.

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4-Speed Automatic Power Feeder with Universal Stand AF34-TC-415V by Toughcut

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