500mm (20") Professional (industrial) Bandsaw 4HP 415V BS500A by Woodfast

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Woodfast BS500A Bandsaw - Precision and Power for Industrial Woodworking Applications

Experience unparalleled cutting performance and reliability with the Woodfast BS500A Bandsaw. Designed for industrial woodworking applications, this powerhouse bandsaw combines precision, power, and durability to meet the demands of professional woodworkers and production facilities. From heavy-duty resawing to intricate shaping, the BS500A delivers exceptional results and consistent performance.

Key Features

  1. Industrial-Grade Power: The Woodfast BS500A is equipped with a high-powered 4HP motor, providing ample cutting force for even the toughest materials. Its robust performance ensures efficient and precise cuts, allowing you to tackle large-scale woodworking projects with ease.

  2. Enhanced Stability and Durability: Built with an emphasis on durability, the BS500A features a rugged steel frame and heavy-duty components. This sturdy construction minimizes vibration, ensuring stable and accurate cutting operations. The cast iron table and solid trunnion assembly provide exceptional rigidity, allowing for consistent performance even during intense industrial use.

  3. Versatility for Industrial Applications: With a 480mm (19") throat capacity and 335mm (13") maximum cutting height, the Woodfast BS500A offers unmatched versatility for a wide range of industrial woodworking applications. From resawing thick hardwoods to precision cutting of large panels, this bandsaw excels in meeting the demands of industrial production.

  4. Advanced Features for Efficiency: The BS500A is packed with advanced features to enhance productivity. The quick-release blade tensioning system enables swift and effortless blade changes, reducing downtime. The precision blade guides ensure accurate tracking and reduce friction, resulting in smoother cuts and extended blade life. The included mitre gauge and rip fence enable precise angled and straight cuts, streamlining workflow and increasing efficiency.

  5. Safety and User-Friendly Design: The Woodfast BS500A prioritizes operator safety with its integrated blade guard and advanced safety features. The intuitive controls and ergonomic design make it easy to operate, minimizing the learning curve for new users. The BS500A's industrial-grade construction is engineered for durability, ensuring reliable performance in demanding production environments.

Elevate your industrial woodworking operations with the Woodfast BS500A Bandsaw. Experience the perfect combination of precision, power, and durability for your large-scale woodworking projects. Invest in the BS500A today and witness exceptional cutting performance in your industrial woodworking facility.

Additional Features

  • 305mm Re-Saw Capacity
  • 330mm Height Cutting Capacity
  • Dual 100mm (4″) Dust Ports
  • Double Bearing Blade Guide System
  • Thickened Large Cast Iron Table with T Slot Design
  • Fully Enclosed thickened Steel Body
  • Quick Release Blade Tension
  • Hinged Blade Guard with Sight Window for increased safety
  • Rack and Pinion Saw Blade Guide
  • Industrial Switch Gear
    • Green on and Red Off Switch 
    • Keyed Emergency Stop Button is ideal for schools and educational environments where you can lock of the machine from use;
    • Brake Key Switch
    • Foot Mushroom Stop 
    • Floor Foot Brake Switch - Stops the blade quickly
  • Heavy Duty Industrial V Design Column Structure - gives strength and rigidity

Additional Information

500mm (20") Professional (industrial) Bandsaw 4HP 415V BS500A by Woodfast

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