Semi Automatic Glue Spreading Machine with Two Heads for Profiles and Joints 9033 by Pizzi

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Semi automatic glue spreader with twin heads with many accessories for dovetail glue spreading or also cabinet and kitchen door application. These semi automatic gluing machines need no electrical connections as they have been designed to work pneumatically. They have been developed for professional, craftspeople and industrial applications to glue special profiles and joints such as kitchen cabinet doors, dovetail joints, to glue dowels etc using any kind of vinyl glue. The 9033 version has two heads and the 9048 has four opposed heads. These machines are designed to optimise gluing operations, to reduce working time, reduce glue wastage thanks to precision glue delivery guaranteeing higher quality of finished product. Features:-
  • Machines are supplied with two or four heads upon which the glue delivering nozzles are mounted; The nozzles are made 'to measure' according to the profile to be glued enabling easy management of of gluing.
  • Every machine enables the adjustment of the flow of glue distribution time;
  • During possible breaks, nozzles can be immersed in the provided basin containing water or detergent, by bending the heads downward in order to avoid any risk of glue drying inside the nozzles.
Standard Inclusions:-
  • Pneumatic Glue Feeder
  • A Can of Detergent for washing of nozzles
  • All accessories necessary to operate the machine and its maintenance
Technical Data:- Accessories:-
  • 9929 Nozzle for Doors and Kitchen Cabinet Doors
  • 9129 Nozzle for Dowels
  • 9130 Nozzle for Dovetail Joints
  • 9130/S Nozzle for Adjustable Dovetail Joints
  • 9131 Nozzle for Finger Joints

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Semi Automatic Glue Spreading Machine with Two Heads for Profiles and Joints 9033 by Pizzi

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