SwitchBlade Selffeed Kit - 35mm, 38mm, 54mm & 65mm, 140mm QUIK-LOK 49-22-5100 by Milwaukee

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SwitchBlade™ Selffeed Kit - 35mm, 38mm, 54mm & 65mm, 140mm QUIK-LOK™ 49-22-5100 by Milwaukee
The 5-Piece SwitchBlade™ Bit Plumber's Kit offers a convenient assortment of the Milwaukee ® SwitchBlade™ Selfeed Bits commonly used on the jobsite. Milwaukee SwitchBlade Selfeed Bits drill up to 12% faster and deliver up to 2X longer life. Designed for any trade that demands repetitive cutting of large holes in wood, SwitchBlade bits allow you to remove and replace blades rather than resharpen. You get a new bit with every quick, convenient change of the hardened
steel blade, and less downtime on the job. An aggressive feed screw design enables the bit to pull through quickly for faster drilling. Built to last and designed to perform, Milwaukee SwitchBlade Selfeed bits deliver more holes for the money. The kit includes bits in diameters 1-3/8", 1-1/2", 2-1/8", and 2-9/16". Also included are 4 replacement blades, 4 feed screws, 4 set screws, a 5-1/2" Quik-Lok ® extension and a hex key, all in an impact resistant carrying case.
  • Superior performance: Blades are easily replaced to provide a new bit on demand
  • Faster drilling: Aggressive feed screw design allows the bit to pull through wood faster
  • Longer bit life: Replaceable blades are made of hardened steel
  • Easy size reference: Bit and blades are engraved for quick and easy size identification Conveniently packaged: Includes the most commonly used Selfeed bits on the jobsite

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SwitchBlade Selffeed Kit - 35mm, 38mm, 54mm & 65mm, 140mm QUIK-LOK 49-22-5100 by Milwaukee

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