Waterproof 12V 5Amp Smart Car Battery Charger AE500E by Matson

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Battery Charger is a great addition to any handyman's arsenal. The IP65 rating means the unit is completely dust-tight, and is capable of surviving water sprayed from a nozzle - perfect for use inside sheds and other areas where water tightness cant be guaranteed. The 5 stage charging process is fully automated and microprocessor controlled, meaning you can just set it up and walk away, while it monitors all the vital signs to ensure a safe and effective charge. LED status indicators give you a quick-glance view of the progress, and the in-built testing feature can determine if your battery is just flat, or faulty and unable to accept charge. This car battery charger is suitable for most common chemistry types, and can identify and apply the suitable charging profile to ensure that you're getting the best lifespan possible. Capable of charging and maintaining batteries from 100CCA/10AH - 750CCA/100AH, this unit comes with reverse polarity and short circuit protections to ensure no harm comes to you or your batteries even in the case of accidental terminal misconnection. With pick up from as low as 1 volt, this Matson battery charger is a rugged workshop warrior. Features:-
  • Fully automatic 5 stage charging system - just connect and walk away
  • Suitable for small (100CCA/10AH) to large (750CCA/100AH) batteries
  • IP65 rated (dust tight and protected against water projected from a nozzle) for harsh environments
  • Microprocessor controlled charging with voltage monitored closely at each stage
  • LED status indicators for progress monitoring at a glance
  • Hard wire harness provided for permanent battery attachment
  • Inbuilt safety temperature, voltage, short circuit and faulty battery protections

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Waterproof 12V 5Amp Smart Car Battery Charger AE500E by Matson

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